What We Got For CHRiSTMAS 2018 | Brooklyn And Bailey

You've been asking for it… our “What I Got for Christmas” video! What'd you think of Bailey’s BIG GIFT from Santa??? Links to items in video here:

Airpod skins (lots of colors): shopstyle.it/l/XFlQ

Shark Vacuum: shopstyle.it/l/XFoS

Long charging cable (industrial): shopstyle.it/l/XFpM

Charging cable protector: shopstyle.it/l/XFn1

Brandy Melville shorts: bit.ly/2RvvEs6

Gold Sweater (on sale for $12): shopstyle.it/l/XFoh

Sherpa jacket (on sale for $17.50): shopstyle.it/l/XFoq

Werewolf game: shopstyle.it/l/XFnf

Bailey scarf/neckerchief: shopstyle.it/l/XFnn

Crazy Rich Asians book: shopstyle.it/l/XFnv

Fuggler doll: shopstyle.it/l/XFnB

Kate Spade wallet: shopstyle.it/l/XFoQ

Iphone splitter: shopstyle.it/l/XFnL

Personal safety alarm: shopstyle.it/l/XFoY

Razor: shopstyle.it/l/XFo8

As y'all know, we have a BIG family! We draw names for siblings, which was fun, but I think the funniest thing about this ended up being what Bailey asked for from Santa!

It’s so interesting how our priorities change as we get older, and how we are now asking to have more practical things, instead of purely fun gifts. Can you blame us for wanting a clean dorm room with nicely vacuumed floors? You laugh now, but one day… you’ll understand. 😂 (Anyone notice that we somehow missed our traditional gum, Reese's peanut butter cups, and LIFE cereal! I guess we've passed that phase!)

Our dad did not disappoint this year either, giving us a gift that had us all laughing! What did you think of them?

Last year we didn't post a video because our family donated all of our Christmas (plus some life savings) to provide a water filtration system and building to a city of 5000 people in the Dominican Republic.

We are very grateful for everything we were able to give and receive this Christmas!

The absolute best part about the holiday season is just being able to spend time hanging out with our family. It’s our first year living away from them, so having a few weeks at home to catch up, and spend quality time with them has been the greatest gift we could receive!

What did you guys get for Christmas?? Comment below!

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💋's -Brooklyn

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  1. Brooklyn and Bailey

    Brooklyn and Bailey

    پیش 2 سال

    What did Santa bring you this year?? Comment below! 💋's - Brooklyn

    • Emmy Kaemerer

      Emmy Kaemerer

      پیش 5 ماه

      i got an ipad!!!

    • ZooDawg!


      پیش 6 ماه

      If it makes u feel any better Bailey, my grandma wanted a mop for Christmas this year

    • A gay shoe

      A gay shoe

      پیش سال

      I got a few sweatshirts

    • robinnotfound_


      پیش سال

      Lauren Mihills omg same I got a chrome book too (sorry I’m late)

    • Diana Sadik

      Diana Sadik

      پیش سال


  2. Brenden Budge

    Brenden Budge

    پیش 9 روز

    Bailey’s voice at 2:11 😂

  3. Noorulain Saify

    Noorulain Saify

    پیش 5 ماه

    what song was the backround

  4. Laurel Cowan

    Laurel Cowan

    پیش 5 ماه

    So I’m rewatching all the what I got for Christmas and it said it was posted a year ago but the title says 2018

  5. Rylie Radde

    Rylie Radde

    پیش 5 ماه

    Hahaha I literally got the same safety thing as a gift

  6. angelique lopez

    angelique lopez

    پیش 5 ماه

    Are you going to be making one for this year? Your videos are so cute & make me so happy 🤗

  7. Ella Lesnever

    Ella Lesnever

    پیش 5 ماه

    Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope you got everything you wished for

  8. Leah Morgan

    Leah Morgan

    پیش 6 ماه

    Who’s watching this WAITING 2020 to be over

  9. ZooDawg!


    پیش 6 ماه

    I've just been watching all ur Christmas gift haul vids in preparation for Christmas lol

    • ZooDawg!


      پیش 6 ماه


    • stella


      پیش 6 ماه

      There’s only four days! I’m so excited.

  10. Aurora Siqueiros

    Aurora Siqueiros

    پیش 6 ماه

    2:10 I can't stop laughing😂

  11. Kathy Madera

    Kathy Madera

    پیش 6 ماه

    I needed to freshen up these comments

  12. Hana Houston

    Hana Houston

    پیش 6 ماه

    who is here in November 2020?no just me ok lmao🙄

  13. Laurie Cochran

    Laurie Cochran

    پیش 7 ماه

    Team brooklyn and bailey I love these what I got for Christmas videos

  14. Claire Barringer

    Claire Barringer

    پیش 7 ماه

    I love fruit leathers! Me and Brooklyn are twinning

  15. Rabbya Mughees

    Rabbya Mughees

    پیش 7 ماه

    Okay sooooooooooooo who is here is freakin 2020

  16. Raquel Navas

    Raquel Navas

    پیش 8 ماه

    The movie didn't make sense.

  17. Ruby Hinson

    Ruby Hinson

    پیش 8 ماه

    What happened to the polls in IRface?

  18. Vaughn’s Heart

    Vaughn’s Heart

    پیش 8 ماه

    Who else can’t wait for Christmas so is watching every Christmas vids they can find

  19. Maddy Brie

    Maddy Brie

    پیش 8 ماه

    Who is here in 2020

  20. Dunn Family

    Dunn Family

    پیش 10 ماه

    Where did she get the candy from pure

  21. studypancake


    پیش 10 ماه

    lol ur so lucky my parents tell me that I'm not Christian when I ask for Christmas gifts and then tell me I don't live in India when I ask for Diwali gifts 😂

  22. kanushka


    پیش 10 ماه

    August 2020 checkk cuz i am bored

  23. Mikayla Lyanne

    Mikayla Lyanne

    پیش 11 ماه

    Ultimate warewolf is so much fun and its kinda like mafia for anyone wondering

  24. Sloan Walker

    Sloan Walker

    پیش 11 ماه

    Who else is just watching this video, thinking about how pretty they both are? Like if this is you

  25. Alexander Hamilton

    Alexander Hamilton

    پیش سال

    Its June 2020...why am I watching this?

  26. itzurgurl :D

    itzurgurl :D

    پیش سال

    like if you love Brooklyn and baily!!!!!

  27. Sangam Ahmed

    Sangam Ahmed

    پیش سال

    This year, we don't have gum, braces and we have no life. This is a monumental moment. - Bailey Marne McKnight 2019

  28. Harper Daly

    Harper Daly

    پیش سال

    Who’s in May 2020?

  29. ivy 2 of 4

    ivy 2 of 4

    پیش سال

    ok i know that just because they are super happy and bubbly on camera doesn't mean they don't have bad days and there life isn't completly perfect, but sometimes i wish i could live their lives!!! like they seem like they are just plane out winning at life!! hahahahahahahaha anyone else????? no, just me? k!

  30. Gracelyn Kelley

    Gracelyn Kelley

    پیش سال

    I feel like Brooklyn always wares that shirt

  31. Kaitlyn Is random

    Kaitlyn Is random

    پیش سال

    I have that same vacuum 🤔

  32. Louisa Harmon

    Louisa Harmon

    پیش سال

    I can't believe that Bailey wanted a vacuum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Michael Hall

    Michael Hall

    پیش سال

    I have one of the saftey things but its smaller

  34. cindy florian

    cindy florian

    پیش سال

    Bailey doesn’t let Brooklyn talk like sis calm down no one wants u

  35. Arrow Sylvia

    Arrow Sylvia

    پیش سال

    I always got gum for Christmas in my stocking but this year I can't have gum because I have Invisalign (braces)!!! I always got tic tacs too so I still got those but I got some other cool stuff too

  36. Eva Lasater

    Eva Lasater

    پیش سال

    I don’t believe in Santa.

  37. Taylor Love

    Taylor Love

    پیش سال

    I can confirm that the book crazy rich Asians was better than the movie 😂

  38. your mum

    your mum

    پیش سال

    of course they love brandy melville💀💀

  39. Gracie Klein

    Gracie Klein

    پیش سال

    Where is your 2019 what I got for Christmas

  40. Emily Caudillo

    Emily Caudillo

    پیش سال

    Oooo I love Baileys dark hair

  41. livy mangroo

    livy mangroo

    پیش سال

    Brooklyn!!!! Same at 7:54 I thought they were to look cute lol 😂

  42. Payton Dunn

    Payton Dunn

    پیش سال


  43. Tatum Carter

    Tatum Carter

    پیش سال

    omg I got a Chromebook for Christmas show here in December 2019!!

    • Tatum Carter

      Tatum Carter

      پیش سال

      @leigh wheeler me too

    • leigh wheeler

      leigh wheeler

      پیش سال

      same- on it now

  44. Maribel Ares

    Maribel Ares

    پیش سال

    Brooklyn McKnight I love you

  45. After all this time? Always

    After all this time? Always

    پیش سال

    Who’s here Christmas Eve 2019? Just me? Okay, that’s fine 😢🤣

  46. Sub for sub Lol

    Sub for sub Lol

    پیش سال

    I’ve maybe watched this video about 12 times and now there’s three more days until 2019 Christmas 🎄

    • paramnesia


      پیش سال

      Jaimie Potterton ik! I can’t wait!

  47. Madi J

    Madi J

    پیش سال

    It's ok I have been getting razor scene I was 14

  48. Adrianna Kyle

    Adrianna Kyle

    پیش سال

    Are y’all twins y’all so pretty 😍😍

    • choco chocolat

      choco chocolat

      پیش سال

      Yes they are

  49. Jaidyn Hohlier

    Jaidyn Hohlier

    پیش سال

    Asa did not get you anything

  50. Jaidyn Hohlier

    Jaidyn Hohlier

    پیش سال

    I’ve played that game and I’ve also played werewords

  51. B l u e B e r r y's

    B l u e B e r r y's

    پیش سال

    D e c m b e r 2019

  52. Laziah Gang

    Laziah Gang

    پیش سال

    Dec 18 .??? Anyone

  53. Izzy The Golden

    Izzy The Golden

    پیش سال

    Who else is here in 2079?

  54. Your Average Teen

    Your Average Teen

    پیش سال

    Of course you like Brandy Melville

  55. robinnotfound_


    پیش سال

    Lol I’m late but the other day I got One night ultimate werewolf a few weeks ago XD (Sorry it’s random)

  56. Aubrey Watermiller

    Aubrey Watermiller

    پیش سال

    Watching this on dec 12th 2019 because why not..

  57. I don’t Know

    I don’t Know

    پیش سال

    You don’t have life lol 😂

  58. Addyson Kaufman

    Addyson Kaufman

    پیش سال


  59. Annamaria Witek

    Annamaria Witek

    پیش سال

    Who's watching December 2019

  60. Mia Sharp

    Mia Sharp

    پیش سال

    What mascara do they use

  61. Ainsley Reed

    Ainsley Reed

    پیش سال

    I have saw but I did not watch these vids.However, this video I wanted to see

  62. Alliyah Gumbs

    Alliyah Gumbs

    پیش سال

    who’s here in Dec 2019 ??

  63. A-Rok


    پیش سال

    Who else in December 2019👀

  64. MarileighBakes


    پیش سال

    How many siblings do you have 3? I have 6 including 2 stepsiblings I live with and I get them all presents. Not to be rude but why don't you get them all gifts?

  65. Jade Moore

    Jade Moore

    پیش سال

    Who's here in December 2019???? and who is here in 2020 quarantine? Merry Christmas ya'll

    • Kristen Skylar.15

      Kristen Skylar.15

      پیش 6 ماه


    • Glen Hofer

      Glen Hofer

      پیش 6 ماه

      Me lol 😝

    • Madelyn Hemler

      Madelyn Hemler

      پیش 6 ماه

      Mee I’m in 2020 🙃🙃🙂🙂

    • Grace Bleekman

      Grace Bleekman

      پیش 10 ماه

      2020 quarantine

    • Kathleen Timmons

      Kathleen Timmons

      پیش 11 ماه

      @Iron Lamb meee

  66. GraceyUniverse


    پیش سال

    Why is this recommended now?

  67. dj d

    dj d

    پیش سال

    I have them they are my favorite to sleep with

  68. bill_nye_the_russian_guy


    پیش سال

    That is the same vacuum that I have

  69. Kaylee B

    Kaylee B

    پیش سال

    my brother has the green frugler and i have the blue one

  70. Julia Louise

    Julia Louise

    پیش سال

    Who else is here in 2019?? P.s. I'm that sad person who like their own comment :) lol

    • Dashae Sittig

      Dashae Sittig

      پیش سال

      Me!(I like my own comment to)

    • Em's Animals

      Em's Animals

      پیش سال


  71. ☀️💜sun eater💜☀️

    ☀️💜sun eater💜☀️

    پیش سال

    November 2019

  72. Emery Lepp

    Emery Lepp

    پیش سال

    The vacuum Bailey got is the same vacuum I have!

  73. liltimmytim


    پیش سال

    AirPods so you don’t need that headphone jack splitter

  74. maisie


    پیش سال

    bruh the sweater is orange

  75. Ashley DiFranco

    Ashley DiFranco

    پیش سال

    Bro what mascara do they use I need it

  76. Micah Ruffner

    Micah Ruffner

    پیش سال

    I have a cat on my charger

  77. zoey acela!!

    zoey acela!!

    پیش سال

    Bailey is such an adult she legit got a vacuum while Brooklyn is not

  78. Ava Mae

    Ava Mae

    پیش سال

    Totally thought of a yeti too😂😂😂

  79. Amy Mifsud

    Amy Mifsud

    پیش سال

    Lamb jacket

  80. Teagan F.

    Teagan F.

    پیش سال

    Ive evolved from a book worm to a IRface worm. XD

  81. Lily Schwartz

    Lily Schwartz

    پیش سال

    Who's in November 2019

    • rene taylor

      rene taylor

      پیش 6 ماه

      December 2020 , it was a year

    • Juniper Snow

      Juniper Snow

      پیش 6 ماه

      You have no idea what’s coming do you?

    • Nevaeh June

      Nevaeh June

      پیش 6 ماه

      December 2020 😂🥳🎄🎅

    • All About Us

      All About Us

      پیش 6 ماه

      Not me 2020 :(

    • Nawras Kherbawy

      Nawras Kherbawy

      پیش 6 ماه


  82. Alessandra Tardibuono

    Alessandra Tardibuono

    پیش سال

    omg last year my mom got me that safety alarm thing and I HATED IT. It was so annoying and I would pull it out in class to scare everybody but make them laugh

  83. rebekah martin

    rebekah martin

    پیش سال

    NO GUM?! 😱

  84. Stephanie


    پیش سال

    I so agree with what you sleep in

  85. Mireya J Green

    Mireya J Green

    پیش سال

    fun fact: the author of crazy rich asians is an alumni of my university and he gave the students free tickets to go to the premiere for free at the movies when it came out. We also had a film and speaker event on campus featuring the movie and he and his mother came and answered questions about their lives, the movie, and the book.

  86. nagham sleiman

    nagham sleiman

    پیش سال

    Is rylan yur sister????

  87. Angie Ren

    Angie Ren

    پیش سال

    Does anyone else notice Brooklyn aggressively trying to pull the safety gift out of Baileys hand? 5:59

  88. Preslie Paints

    Preslie Paints

    پیش سال

    One night ultimate werewolf is the best family game

  89. Ksenija bozovic

    Ksenija bozovic

    پیش سال

    2:10 HAHAHHAHA

  90. ii_M1kasa


    پیش سال

    Hi everyone and Brooklyn and Baliey I got double presents because my birthday is on Christmas eve my sisters were jealous.

  91. Glen rees

    Glen rees

    پیش سال

    Bailey: “I WEAR HAIR SCARFS!!” “Wow voice, hello” 😂😂😂😂😂

  92. Jayne


    پیش سال

    No life and no gum 😔

  93. Maya Rasa

    Maya Rasa

    پیش سال

    That's so cool!

  94. Jonathan Thatcher

    Jonathan Thatcher

    پیش سال

    we also pick a name and bye a present for that person

  95. Idk


    پیش سال

    You filmed this on my birthday

  96. Make-up and MaKayla

    Make-up and MaKayla

    پیش سال

    I appreciate the fact you were saying "what santa got us". Making it a fun video for younger kids. And that is wasnt just ALL designer products

  97. samson samuel

    samson samuel

    پیش سال

    You guys posted this video on my Birthday

  98. tess anderson

    tess anderson

    پیش سال

    did you realize That They NEVER use capital i's

  99. It'sAnnika Fallyn

    It'sAnnika Fallyn

    پیش سال

    Can we just talk about how BEAUTIFUL Brooklyn is? She's so gorgeous!

    • Shahnaz Ek

      Shahnaz Ek

      پیش سال

      Myah Tanking its not mean. Its her opinion. She thinks Brooklyn is beautiful. She never said the other one is not.

    • Myah Tanking

      Myah Tanking

      پیش سال

      It'sAnnika Fallyn they are both very beautiful and that is mean.

  100. hope Your

    hope Your

    پیش سال

    i bought CRAZY RICH ASIANS at costco in september 2018, AND i finished it in less then 3 week